Orders placed for products and services offered within the platform cannot be cancelled. However, this section is designed so that you know what returns and refunds are and how they work within the Marketplace.


Returns apply when you have received your order and need to return one or more purchased items. If your request proceeds in accordance with the conditions applicable to the item in question, the amount of your purchase will be refunded in the same means with which you made the payment.

The following terms apply to all shipments made within the Mexican Republic. This policy may change without prior notice.

In the case of RPM NEXO SA de CV products, there are no refunds for returns, only merchandise exchanges.


It consists of a procedure to return the money paid in Market Club 16 in the event of a problem that has arisen regarding the products you have purchased.

Refunds will be issued on purchase orders when one or all of the items you have purchased are out of stock or a defect has been detected before being sent to the buyer. If this happens, you will receive a notification to the email you have registered so that you can contact and make the refund request. The customer service area will process your request, receive your order number and review the information. When your request is processed, a communication will be sent to you and within a period of no more than 14 business days the money will be returned to the same place from which it came. If there is any setback beyond our control, a customer service executive will contact you to explain the reasons for the delay and provide a new return date for the funds that will not exceed 7 business days. For no reason will the money be returned to a different bank account or debit or credit card other than the one used in the operation.

Refunds do not apply to procedures or services, so, once the request in question has been made, there will be no return of money.




Step 1: Review the terms and requirements for returning your product.
Check the terms that apply to each product for the return to proceed and comply with the deadline and requirements of the corresponding item to make a return.

Remember that, in the following cases, cancellations or returns do not apply:

  • Those products and/or services that are individualized and configured in a personal way (for example, personalized Jersey).
  • Any product accidentally damaged by the customer (bumps, stains, humidity)
  • Any product that has been purchased at an auction or liquidation price.

Step 2: Do not exceed the time limit to make your return.

No return procedure will be applicable when it is carried out after 30 calendar days from the date on which the purchased products were received, in accordance with the records that RPM NEXO SA de CV has.

Step 3: Fill out the online form

Enter this link ( to tell us the product(s) and/or services you wish to return. Remember to have your order number on hand so we can serve you more quickly.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation email

If the reason for your return meets the return terms and requirements, you will receive an email to follow up on your request. You will receive the response within a period that will not exceed 72 hours after the return request you made.

Products authorized for return must be properly packaged for shipment by courier to avoid damage such as stains, bumps, scratches, humidity, among other possible effects.

Step 5: In the case of wanting to return a physical product received.

  1. a) If after having received your product at your home, you wish to change it, you will receive a file with the courier guide, which will be valid for 5 calendar days. You must print it and adhere it to the packaging of the product to be exchanged. You can schedule delivery to the parcel through a pickup or deliver it to one of their service centers within the mentioned time, otherwise you will have to request a new guide that will have a cost for you.

Once we receive the merchandise, a review will be carried out and if it meets the requirements for the exchange, the process will continue by sending you the physical product to be replaced with the tracking number for tracking.

  1. b) If you received your product directly in the Physical Store, you can exchange the product directly at the delivery point and we will help you start the exchange process. At the time of delivering the product, a review of its condition will be carried out. If there is no damage and you meet the requirements for exchange, the process will continue. Otherwise you will be informed at the time.


  1. To make a return you need to have your order number.
  2. In cases of product purchases, when unforeseen events occur (disaster in warehouses, serious failures in the origin of the product and/or service, among others) and force majeure (impediments of transfer due to weather conditions), and/ or we are not able to fulfill the order, you will be notified via email registered at the time of your purchase, to confirm if you want an exchange or refund.
  3. In the case of products delivered correctly and in good condition, but it was not what you expected, you have up to 30 calendar days after the date of receipt of your product to request a return.
  1. If the delivery was by pick up, we will receive the product at the delivery point within the mentioned days to proceed in accordance with our return policy.
  2. If the delivery was at home, you can enter this link ( to tell us the product(s) and/or services you wish to return. Remember to have your order number on hand so we can serve you more quickly.
  3. All products that comply with our Return Policy must be returned in their original packaging, accompanied by their labels and protected within additional packaging for collection.
  4. To make an exchange or return effective for issues other than defect or warranty, the return guide fee may apply, the cost of which is non-refundable.
  1. Once the period of the aforementioned clause has expired, it will not be possible to carry out the return process.
  2. RPM NEXO SA de CV reserves the right to accept the return due to the product being incomplete, missing labels or seals, showing damage, dirt, misuse or incomplete packaging.
  3. Due to their nature, the return or exchange of certain products and/or services will not be accepted since they lose their value and/or functionality:
  1. Those products and/or services that are individualized and configured personally
  2. Any product accidentally damaged by the customer (bumps, stains, humidity).
  3. Products purchased at auction or liquidation prices.

It consists of a procedure to return the money paid in Market Club 16 in the event of a problem that has arisen regarding the products you have purchased.


  1. The requested refunds are applicable once the product return process has been completed and proceeded.
  2. Any refund is applied after the return of your order has been accepted, directly to the means with which you made the payment.
  3. In order for a refund request linked to orders placed and paid by Bank Transfer / Bank Statement to proceed, it is necessary to attach the following information to the request:
    • Header of the Account Statement where the name of the beneficiary and CLABE appear. (attach example image)
    • Valid official identification.
  4. For refund request cases in which payment has been made by credit or debit card, the time in which the balance in favor is reflected once the refund request has been completed is 1 business day.
    to. The availability of the balance of orders paid by debit or credit card depends on the rules and policies of each bank issuer.
    b. Upon receipt of the refund from Market Club 16, any bank claim would be void.
  5. In the following cases, our system generates automatic cancellations:
    • If you selected the bank deposit payment method and do not make the deposit within the next 3 business days after your purchase.
    • If you purchased any product and/or service with restrictions and you are not eligible to use the service. In this particular case, the rules that must be met for reimbursement will apply.

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